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Camco Maintenance Fall and Winter

Camco Maintenance Fall and Winter

Fall and Winter:

Change the filters: We recommend pleated because they are a better choice to keep the indoor coil clean.

This results in a more efficient unit and less cleaning of the indoor coil which could cause unwanted and expensive breakdowns.

Test and inspect the Indoor Blower Motor. We will use either CO2 or nitrogen to blow the dirt out of the blower motor and help prevent premature failure due to heat buildup caused by dirt. This also lowers the possibility of a breakdown in the heat of summertime. We will vacuum the blower section if needed, and finally we inspect and clean if needed the blower wheel for excess dirt deposits if needed.

Visually check the refrigerant piping for oil stains and possible leaks. Note and/or clean leaks with an industrial coil cleaner for testing with an industry acceptable leak detecting device. If leaks are found, recommendations with estimates will be given.

Check the heat exchanger integrity: Check the heat exchanger for cracks, or loose gaskets, screws, etc. or anything that would allow products of the natural gas combustion to filtrate back into the conditioned air flow.

Check heating safety controls: Test all safety controls to verify the operations in case of a malfunction.

Check the unit operations. We will visually check the control panel for excessive heat discoloration on wires and contacts. We will test the operating and safety controls for proper operation. We will run test the controls to assure the thermostat operation is controlling the equipment. We will take amp and volt readings for comparison to name plate rating to determine if the components are operating within their design.