If you have any of the following HVAC problems, please contact us:

                    • New Construction and Retrofit
                      Camco understands the details associated with new construction.  We also are adept at retrofitting older equipment to provide improved comfort.

                    • Air Conditioners
                      Air conditioners are normally complicated systems that provide cool air to your structure. We provide service, installation and maintenance of quality energy rated systems. We will diagnose and troubleshoot your system to insure your needs meet your comfort level.
                    • Furnaces
                      We will insure that your system is running properly by inspecting and repairing all the necessary parts of your furnace, regardless of the fuel type you use to produce heat.

  • Heat Pumps
    Heat pumps literally move heat from one place to another. Making sure that your system is properly operating is important in maintaining comfort levels. If you need repair, inspection or installation call us.
  • Air Handler
    The air handler is the principle air delivery system for your heating and air conditioning equipment. Comprised of various parts, California Automation and Mechanical Company troubleshoots and diagnoses issues that will keep air moving.
  • Ductwork/Indoor Air Quality
    Maintaining quality indoor air is important to everyone's health.  California Automation and Mechanical Company can inspect  ductwork to make sure your structure has the proper filtration and airflow.
  • Controls and Automation
    California Automation and Mechanical Company installs and services the correct controls for your needs.  We also program and assist in training with automated systems.